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FlagThe question is, “which actually are the best online casinos for US players, which online casinos have all the bases covered when it comes to being the best, which sites will provide the best experience for its players?” Access to online casinos is actually very commonplace in the United States.  There are approximately 10 million US players that partake in some form of online casino gaming and online gambling.  They find their favorite games, such as online slots or table games.  The best online casinos sites not only have the best selections of online slots; they also have a variety of table games.  Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps and poker are the most common to be found in the online casinos.

This post breaks down what it takes to be on the list of the best sites for U. S., players.  It is designed to help sort through the more than fifty (a number that changes often) online casinos that are accessible to U. S., players that allows them to place real money wagers over the internet, and determine which of them provide the best player experiences.


Many residents of the United States are extremely confused over the legality of online gambling and online casinos, and with good reason.  That is because even though the existing federal gambling laws do not truly pertain to online gambling it did not stop federal officials from declaring online gambling was illegal in the United States.  Last year the Department of Justice did an “about face” on that declaration stating that all online gambling is not illegal; that only online sports betting was illegal.

The confusion of the earlier government stance with regard to on online gambling forced many of the best international online casinos to limit or restrict U.S. residents completely to avoid the slightest possibility of being in conflict with U.S. law.  Thus, the U.S. players are much more limited with the options available to them with regard to online casinos sites.

The change in stance by the U.S. government included with it, that the decision to allow or disallow online gambling and online casinos would be left up to each state. States such as Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have already acted on Department of Justice’s decision and have begun offering legal online gambling through states licensed sites, and many more states are very likely to follow.

Players Safety and Security

There are plenty of reputable and trustworthy sites that allow U.S. players to access. However, there are also sites looking to scam players just so they can make a quick profit. Providing a list of all the available online casinos is not very hard, and is provided here. The key is to go beyond a list of all available sites, and provide the reader a list that also breaks out the reputable sites that they can trust. Sites that are not only going to provide a great experience, but to make sure it is a safe and secure experience.

Any site that makes the list of the best online casinos that is reviewed is always properly licensed and regulated, and that it is also regularly audited by a third party to insure fairness. The site will also carry a 12/-bit SSL encryption or higher security system to ensure that a player’s privacy is maintained.

Availability of Games

Players want a wide range of games, and do not want to sign up for a site and then find that it the site doesn actually provide a large selection of games, which extremely limits their play. The best of the online casinos offers something for everyone. Their games are developed only by reputable companies, which also helps to make sure the game play is structured fairly and that the online casino itself is honest.

Money - Deposit/WithdrawalDeposits and Withdrawals

In order for any player to enjoy a site they first must be able to deposit and withdrawal money into their account for the site.  To be included among the best online sites for U.S. players it needs to offer multiple methods to transfer funds.  Secure deposit and withdrawal methods should include credit card, eWallets, and more.  Making sure there are multiple options for transferring funds is a part of being the best online casinos; however, players still need to make sure that any site they select to play have withdrawal limits that are acceptable to them.

Player also need to be aware that one drawback with online casinos when playing for real money is that unlike a brick and mortar casino where you get your money immediately. Gambling over the internet takes just a little longer. The site first has to process a players request for transferring funds. Then it has to get the funds transferred to the players bank account. Time wise, this generally takes a few days, and best online sites disclose the transfer times as part of their agreement to prospective players.

Customer Care and Support

A player that ever has an issue with their online casino account they do not want to have to wait to receive customer support to get things sorted out. That is why customer care and support is an important part of being the best of the online casinos. An online casino should have 24 hour support, seven days a week. The site should also have several means of communication, such as online chat, email and phone.

If there is ever an online casino that is included on the listed as one of the best, and they do not have 24 hour support, it would only be because they excel in all the other areas, and the downside of the lack of 24 hour support would be duly noted.

Word of Warning to U.S. Players

Most of the online casinos that continue to cater to U.S. players are located in unregulated jurisdictions that often ties provide little if any assistance to players if there is a dispute with the online casino they are playing in. A significant number of the offshore casinos that accept players based in the U.S. are considered in the industry terms to be “rogue casinos.” They are considered to be rogue for numerous reasons such as deceptive terms and conditions, slow payments to players or even refusal to pay winning players.

It is for these reasons that we advise players to do their best to try to play the online casinos that are rated as reputable on this site. Only online casinos that have a proven track record for reliable payment, stability, fairness all demonstrated over a number of years that they are safe to play are placed as reputable online casinos through this site. This is one of the main reasons this website was started, to help players find the best online casinos and to avoid disreputable online casinos and to hopefully make their selection of where to player or not to play much easier.


List Paper & PencilList of Best Online Casinos:

A list of the best online casinos and those to avoid is being put together for this site, and will be added once the research has been completed.  In the meantime if you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at





12 thoughts on “Best Online Casinos for US Players

  1. I agree that it is confusing on where online gambling is legal. A while back, I saw one of the Atlantic City casinos was offering online gambling, but didn’t say anything about where it was legal, until I signed up for it. Then they sent a message saying it was only legal in NJ and if I tried to get in again, they would report me. So, I assume it’s still not legal in all 50 states yet.

    1. Hey Kevin, New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are thus far the only 3 states that that have established laws and legalized online gambling for their residents, but only through the online casinos licensed by or through those states. There will be other states that will likely follow. Of the other 47 states, 46 do not have specific laws pertaining to online gambling or online casinos or poker sites. It is legal for residents of these states to gamble online through the sites that do not restrict them from playing. The goal my web page is to provide a list of reputable sites to use.

  2. Wow Ted, this post is an eye opened. Number one, I thought it was illegal everywhere in the United States. I didn’t realize that the DOJ had done an about face. That’s good news. So by reading this article,if I do have the right impression, that in Texas, it is still illegal for online gambling? So what if you are visiting one of the 3 states that have allowed online gambling? Can you gamble then, or do you have to be a resident? Your site is a wealth of information. Please keep us posted as new states come online. Thanks

    1. Hey Wendi, not it is legal to gamble online in Texas. he 3 states your are referring to (Nevada, New Jersey & Delaware) have passed law that limits residence there to only be able to gamble online at sites that are licensed through those individual states. So those residence are very limited as to the sites that are available to them. The state of Washington has laws on their books that are over 20 years old that have never been enforced, which means that actually trying to enforce them now would be practically impossible. The other 46 states have no state laws pertaining to online gambling. Thus, they fall under federal law, which allows online gambling, excluding sports betting. Online sports betting is illegal. The drawback is that since there number of sites available to potential online players, there are several sites that are not very reputable. This is why I am putting together a list of preferred sites for U.S. players that are reputable.

  3. Very helpful information on gambling sites security and etc. but i was wondering if you happen to have a list of gambling websites that are trust worthy so that i dont get caught up in to any of the situations mentioned in your article such as non payment to winners or slow payment.

    1. Hey Bryan, that is a great question. I am currently in the middle of doing the research of all the online casinos and online poker sites in order to provide so h a list. I will be presenting a list of all site that are available for both U.S. players and International players, along with a list of the best sites. The ones that provide only the best online experiences. working on the list of the best sites. Once completed, the list will have reviews of the sites, along with links to the best sites in order to help direct perspective players to the sites they select from the list. Hopefully this answers your question, please let me know if you have addituonal questions. I will gladly reply back.

  4. This is really great information for anyone that wants to have a bet and enjoy the experience online and we know that is everyone.
    I have always been very hesitant to have any bets online, however, I will be very interested to read your list of the top ones.
    The standards you have mentioned here are those that would probably let me consider gambling online
    looking forward to reading your next post.
    Thanks, Paul

    1. Hey Paul, thank you for the comment, I appreciate you taking the time to read through the pot. I am trying to create a site that will provide perspective players as much information as I can so that they can come to a single site and make an informed decision with regards to what site is right for them. I will have lists provide very soon, please let me know if you have any other questions…  Thanks Again, Ted

    1. Hey Alfred,

      Thank you for taking time to read through this post. I am trying to provide prospective online players a place to come and get up to date information regarding the available site so that they can make an informed decision as to which site may be best for them.

      Thank You Again,

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