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The Starting Point

ConfusionHave you ever tried to do a search on the internet for something and what seems like hundreds or thousands of sites and links come up in the search?  For many people and especially for those that don’t always seem to be able to come up with the right keywords, it is often hard to find exactly what they are looking for when they are doing web searches.  Of course this is often times can get to be pretty frustrating.

In an attempt to find an online poker site, the search results from the search I made came back with what seemed to be one poker site and/or link after another.  What was worse, half of the results seemed to be out-of-date and several of the sites were no longer even existed.

With the search parameter I used, one would have thought that there should have been just a few websites to actually fit the actual parameters of the search, and then most likely several others on the following pages that had a similarity.  Yet it took me for what seemed like forever to sort through what I considered to be pages of a jumbled up mess in order to find the types of sites I was actually trying to find.  It was this search result that gave me the idea for this website.

About Me

TedMy name is Ted.  You will see me name attached to a lot of the content for this site.  I have thirty-five years of real world experience, mainly in general management and accounting.  I learned how to play poker and blackjack from my father as a kid growing up.  Once I got to a legal age to gamble I was given an opportunity to visit a few casinos.  I played a little blackjack and a few slots.  It was fun, but as I got a little older, I found both blackjack and especially slots to be a bit boring.  By my early thirties I began to play poker when ever we stopped on trips between Georgia and Oklahoma to visit my mom and step father’s lake house.

My poker was limited to what I had learned growing up, which was mostly stud poker.  My favorite has always been 5-Card Stud, I think it is absolutely the most pure form of poker. The only issue is 5-Card Stud is a bit too boring for most people, and the brick and motor casinos I got to visit only had cash games for 7-Card Stud or Texas Hold’em. Since I was totally unfamiliar with how to play Texas Hold’em at the time, I basically stuck to playing 7-Card Stud, which I really enjoyed.

The Start - Free Online Poker SitesAs Texas Hold’em became more popular, I started learning how to play.  Once I started understanding how to play the game beyond just the basics, I found it to be very challenging.  It wasn’t long after I had a good understanding of the game, that I came across a local poker club that started playing free tournament games that gave away house cash at a near by restaurant and bar that I found my favorite form of Texas Hold’em, tournament games. This was about the same time that that online poker rooms started taking off here in the U.S.  I ventured out and played a three or four different sites, mostly playing the sit and go tournament games, and some of the bigger tournament games that had low dollar entire fees and payouts that we pretty good if you got that far.  I played very few of the cash games online.

Area ClosedUnfortunately, it wasn’t too long before the U.S. sites were shut down with regards to real money games.  Not long ago, I had heard that the U.S government had reversed its stance on online gambling with regards to poker.  So, I recently decided to take a look at what sites might be available for U.S. players or more to be more specific residents form the state of Georgia.  That is when I did a web search and found a total scrambled up mess with trying to find and online site where I could play.  Frustrated with what I found, I ended up not even playing the first hand.

Magnifying GlassAfter thinking about not being able to find my way to a site I would want to even try to play, I decided to start doing a little research, and see what sites were actually available.  The research wasn’t that easy, because of all the different kinds of online sites to look through.  There where far too many sites to just look through and be able to keep up with if you were to just being trying to find a site that you would want to play.

The little bit of research I was doing quickly turned into what has become a massive undertaking, especially since I found that I was needing to incorporate online casinos into the undertaking since many of them include poker or poker rooms on their sites. Which has led me to put together this web site where I could house the information in a central location.

Our Goal

Smart GoalBest Online Casinos is a web page designed to help make searching for the best of the online casinos and online poker sites a “One Stop Shop”. The concept is to provide current information and articles related to the various online gaming sites in order for potential players to make an informed decision as to which online casinos and online poker sites will provide them the best experience as they play their favorite games.

Designed to be a central location for game players of all kinds, the web page will also keep an up to date list of the most popular sites. Selections of the sites we consider to be the best of the best will also be maintained, as well as a list of new casinos and new player bonuses. As a central hub we also provide links to the sites and games rooms that we feel provide the best experience to the players that play there. Updating those links as needed depending on the information and research that we are able to put together in order to easily have it available to the people that view our web page.

Helping Others

Helping HandThe web page is structured with the sole purpose to centralize a prospective player’s search for online casinos and online poker sites. To allow a prospective player to be able to make an informed decision regarding which site is best suited for them and for the game they wish to play. And to provide them a direct link to which ever gaming site they feel is best suited for them.

If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ted Perkins

8 thoughts on “About Best Online Casinos

  1. Hi Ted. Wow! You’ve got your work cut out for you. With so many outdated sites, your research is going to be time consuming and difficult. I’m so thankful that your site will do the “leg work” for people like me. I will use you site quite often.

    1. Thank you Wendi for the comment. It is definitely a lot of leg work, which is what I am working on as I add post about the site and games until the researched list can be ready to post. IN the mean time, if you have any questions, please let me know…Thank You Again for the comment… Ted

  2. Hey TedP, your post rocks! I’ll tell you something, I’m not a gambler but I do love the possibility of making a little bit of extra money from the slots because honestly, blackjack is boring and playing it kind of reminds people how tedious it is.
    For example, when you place a 15.00 bet and win, you’re getting back 30 dollars or whatever the payoff is but you’ll see yourself betting that same amount of money again and again, it gets tired.
    I like online casinos because there are some of them that actually pay you real money so I definitely appreciate your post because it coincides with one of my favorite ways to make money. Good job!

    1. Thanks R.J., and yes online casino games (online slots in particular) have a huge variety and lost of betting options. I will have a list up soon that will provide you with the best casinos to play as a U.S. resident

  3. Hello, I like to gamble and don’t always get to go to an actual Casino and sit down to play. Usually when I am traveling, I like to play poker on my tablet or phone. I have always played the free versions just to play. I looked once for a real site to actual try and win money. All I found was a lot of foreign sites and when reading some online reviews, they all sounding like scams, so I wouldn’t go near them let alone put any of my personal details on the site.

    Having a site like yours would be great to find the sites that are legitimate versus the scams.

    1. Hey Frank, that is exactly why I am putting this site together. The goal is to have a list of the best reputable sites for U.S. players and another for International players. I am currently doing research reviewing the available sites in order to create a solid valid list.

  4. Wow… Thanks for sharing with me. Very well done and I wish you luck as this grows. I will share with others and have bookmarked the site so I can review from time to time. You know that I am a Casino Player and my travels cross paths with the Casinos across the South and Mid-Atlantic but I am looking forward to ending my travels a bit so might get online. I also play Poker but even with the free online games its hard to fine stud games and even then they are 7 card and maybe even Hi / LO so not my preference. When I get more time I will climb on into your site and take a look around.
    Thanks & Good Luck – J D –

    1. Hey JD, thank you for taking the time to read through my post. I am continuing to develop the site with the intent of it being the website for people to come to in order to learn what online site they should go to that wull provide a quality experience for the game they wish play, as well as sites to avoid. The site is only a guide, and will have reviews of the different casinos or poker rooms, to help provide information so that players can make a more informed decision. If you ever have any questions please to not hesitate to reach out. Thanjs is again, Ted

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